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Competitions for Everyone! The international competition 'In the Circle of Family' is hosted on the creative competitions platform of the International Educational Project 'IT-World in Dialogue of Cultures' in collaboration with the international online school 'GENESIS'.

International family competition

In the Circle of Family

The international competition "In the Circle of Family" is hosted on the creative competitions platform of the International Educational Project "IT-World in Dialogue of Cultures", initiated by the online school "GENESIS".

Diversity Unites

Open Participation for All Ages and Abilities!

Anyone interested can participate, regardless of age and abilities, including children in family-based educational programs, students from general educational institutions, and members of their families.

Submissions are possible from April 14, 2024, until June 14, 2024, 23:59 CET, via an application form on the platform of the International Educational Project 'IT-World in Dialogue of Cultures'.

A ceremonial award ceremony will take place on July 8, 2024.

Themes of the competition entries

  • "Happiness is being happy at home" (Leo Tolstoy)
  • "A family in a heap is not scared of any storm" (Russian proverb)
  • "Growing up in a truly healthy family is the real happiness of happiness" (Robin Skinner)
  • "The family is one of nature's masterpieces" (George Santayana)
  • "Family is a support in life, something that protects, gives strength" (Sophia Loren)
  • "The love of homeland begins in the family" (A. P. Chekhov) - Family and Homeland (Patriotism)
  • "Family is like the branches of a tree. We grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one" (Unknown author).

Creativity in Image and Motion

Visual Art Forms of Competition Entries

Our competition provides a platform for unleashing your imagination and showcasing your unique visions. Let your creativity flow freely and show us the world through your eyes! Share your interpretations of 'In the Circle of Family'.

We look forward to your inspiring works.




Media Art


Competition Rules to Go

Competition Terms and Conditions

Here you can download the participation conditions. We promise, it's less complicated than it sounds!

Organizing Partners

Competition Organizer

  • Autonomous non-profit organization "Center for poly-cultural education and multilingualism 'WORLD OF ENLIGHTENMENT'", Russia
  • International Method Council for Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication of the ICARUS Center, Germany
  • M.V. Lomonosov Lyceum, Kyongido, Hwansongei, South Korea
  • Federation of Russian Language Centers in Spain
  • Association "Rainbow" Russian School in Barcelona, Spain
  • Rostov public movement "Father's Council"

With the support of the Parent Association of the Russian Federation and the Regional Public Council "New School" in the Rostov Region.