GENESES - School concept


Our school concept

We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our school to you and to show you how we are shaping education for the future.

Education for Life

Successful learning environment as a fundamental building block

The online school "GENESIS" is based on the concept of "Education for Life," which promotes lifelong learning from early childhood to adulthood. The school is aimed at students from grades 1 to 11, students, youth, parents, and teachers. The school offers elements of bilingual education and is designed to teach children compatriots living abroad, students of Russian schools and educational centers abroad, and foreign citizens who want to study the Russian language, Russian culture, and continue their education in Russia.

The Beginning

Founders of the school

We, the founders of this online school 'GENESIS,' would like to provide you with insight into our vision and motivation that led to the establishment of this online school. Our common goal was to create an innovative learning environment that offers high-quality education opportunities worldwide. With our dedication and passion, we have laid the foundation for a dynamic online school.

Svetlana Sergejewna Usenko

Svetlana Sergeevna Usenko is a teacher with impressive professional experience and awards of various levels. As a Federal Expert of the platform of the President of the Russian Federation "Russia is a Country of Opportunities", as well as the head of the network interaction of the autonomous non-profit organization "Center for Multicultural Education and Multilingualism 'WORLD of ENLIGHTENMENT'", Svetlana Sergeevna is an authoritative specialist in the field of intercultural education and communication.
As a member of the International Methodological Council on Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication of the National Scientific Center for Cultural and Natural Sciences, she successfully broadcasts the pedagogical experience of 45 countries around the world. Her competencies are in demand at different levels, where Svetlana Sergeevna actively participates as a member of the regional public council for education "New School" in the Rostov region.
Svetlana Sergeevna Usenko was awarded the prize of the Russian Federation for her significant contribution to the preservation and development of the family cultural and historical heritage. He is the winner of the competition of the best teachers of secondary schools in the Russian Federation, as well as the winner of the All-Russian competition in the field of pedagogy, work with children and youth under 20 years of age "For the moral feat of a teacher" in Rostov-on-Don (Russia).

Stefanie Alisch

Stefanie Alisch is a passionate computer scientist with a keen sense of creativity and design. Through her focus on web design, she possesses a solid technical understanding as well as outstanding design skills.

A connection with the creation of attractive and functional websites, as well as the development of innovative solutions incorporating current technologies and design trends, is reflected in her work.

The pursuit of perfection drives her to continuously expand her knowledge and expertise in web development.

In her leisure time, she enjoys dedicating herself to various creative projects, whether it's designing logos, creating illustrations, digital scrapbooking, or experimenting with new technologies. She is a versatile individual who expresses her passion for technology and design in all aspects of her life.

Holistic educational philosophy

Success and self-development at every stage of life

The concept of the online school "GENESIS" aims to promote lifelong learning by addressing the needs and interests of various age groups on an individual basis. It supports its students in achieving academic success and personal development.

For students, teenagers, and adults, the online school "GENESIS" offers various courses on different interests and provides the opportunity to discover oneself and one's own abilities. This can be associated with both improving professional skills and personal growth.


Teachers are provided with the opportunity to enhance their qualifications, delve into innovative educational trends, and expand their knowledge. This supports educators in operating successfully and fostering high student motivation for the learning process.

For parents, we offer a wide range of courses and counseling services to help them successfully navigate challenging questions in raising children and teenagers. Our services are available to assist you with all aspects related to the development and well-being of your children.

Valentina Valentinowna Sachartschuk

Our support in the back office of "GENESIS"

We would like to introduce you to Valentina Valentinowna Sachartschuk, our dedicated support in the back office. Behind the scenes of our online school "GENESIS", she works as a talented and competent specialist to ensure smooth operation of our administrative processes. She is not only experienced, but also passionate about maximizing internal efficiency and providing our customers with the best possible service. With her expertise and dedication, she contributes to the success of our organization.


Frequently Asked Questions and additional Information

We are confident that these details will assist you in gaining a better understanding of our offerings and resolving any uncertainties you may have. Should you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you and are at your disposal.

We offer an interactive online learning experience where mentors are available and constant communication between teachers and students is facilitated. Our students have the opportunity to interact directly with their teachers, ask questions, engage in discussions, and participate in collaborative activities. This direct interaction creates a supportive learning environment where students are motivated and can receive individual support to reach their full potential.
Explore our complimentary informational sessions and take the time to learn about the various educational offerings available at our school. Seize this opportunity to make an informed decision about your future educational path.
The choice of video conferencing tools varies depending on the mentor and will be communicated to the course participants before the course begins. This allows participants to prepare for the use of the respective platforms in advance.
We suggest contacting your mentor to inform them about your situation. You may be able to arrange an alternative appointment. Otherwise, you can enroll in a later course or receive a voucher that can be redeemed for another course.